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We started working remotely when two of us had our first children, and we felt a massive gap in existing collaboration tools, so we started building Tandem.


We make technology that gives distributed teams the flow of in-person collaboration.

With multiple offices, work-from-home, and business travel, every company is ultimately a remote company. We're not just building the future of remote work, we're building the future of all collaborative work.

About Tandem


Tandem is a digital office for remote teams. You can see who's online, what app they're working in, and talk/screenshare/video in one click. You can sign up and try it out for free here.

We designed Tandem by deconstructing the affordances and benefits of a physical space, and transcribing them to a virtual space. You can hear more about our thinking on this podcast.

It's still early, but already thousands of companies around the world including Spotify, AirBnB, Dropbox, and Autodesk use Tandem for spontaneous conversation and extended collaboration.

Here's us in South Park (Tim, Rajiv, Bernat)

Here's us in South Park (Tim, Rajiv, Bernat)




Grew up in Menlo Park, CA.

Princeton → Fairchild → Aviate, acq. by Yahoo → Delectable.

Started in Data and moved to Product.

Interested in climbing, wine.



Grew up in Seattle

Stanford → Palantir → founded Astrid, acq. by Yahoo

Full-stack engineer and manager

Proud dad. Seahawks fan.



Grew up in Barcelona

Kotoc → Aviate, acq. by Yahoo

Started in game design and moved to UX.

Proud dad. Surfing bum at heart.

Why Join

Solve a massive problem.

The future of work is remote and distributed, and the current tools lean heavily on asynchronous work. We aim to make remote work collaborative and dynamic.

Work with a world-class founding team.